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In 23 years I created designs millions of people chose to buy.

Among the many roles, I had at Ford was the opportunity to build a highly specialized user experience studio. With a structure similar to a start-up within the large design organization, practicing efficiency and good design built a foundation for the way we work at Pocket square Design.

I’m proud to continue to bring many designers to the car design industry and provide an environment that enables their first of many professional successes.

One of the greatest thrills any designer strives for is to create a revolutionary expression of new technology.

I still want to do this.


  • Car Designer
  • with a passion for UI

24Years of automotive design experience

General Motors Interior
Executive Director of Design

Design 2007-2012
Asia Pacific Design 2005-2007


  • Human Machine
  • Interface Expert


I’m proud to have worked on so many great products during my 13 years of experience at General Motors, but it was extremely important for me to start a company of my own. At Pocket square Design, I continue to be challenged creatively every day. Every idea brought to the table allows me to explore much more in the area of the user interface.

Our Philosophy

People want the newest technology. We can help make the interface simplified and safer – and beautiful – whether we are creating a future vision or providing guidance on practical application by focusing on the complete environment. Choosing what to include in a system is as important as what you choose to leave out.


We help clients decide which features are most important to customers…We help clients decide which features are most important to customers…


  • Interior Design
  • Product Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Component Strategy
  • Exterior/Interior Design
  • Usability Testing
  • App Design
  • Automotive HMI
  • Advanced Concepts

Gary BraddockDave LyonNina Mital

VisionHuman Machine Interface

The driver could operate the car’s infotainment system without taking their eyes off the road, or their hands off the wheel?



Are automakers addicted to in-car features overload? Pulse 2.0

A young automotive interior design firm that makes infotainment interfaces simpler words Auto

Time for an HMI Intervention

PartnersExpanding Our Photo Expertise

We are very fortunate to be collaborating with some of the most creative & highly capable talents!  We believe in a lean business model with a breadth of skillsets available as we need them. Create your own clothing line

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